Blast Monitoring

Blast monitoring services

Terrock is one of the few in the industry to provide an end-to-end process, taking the pressure off companies to compile and analyse the data themselves. Monitoring vibration in sensitive areas and applying control mechanisms to regulate the impact to the surrounding areas is essential in today’s safety focussed workplace environment. In addition to the general analysis of vibration levels, wave traces and/or histograms at monitor stations can be utilised to ensure optimum data results and compliance within regulatory limits.


Our team at Terrock has extensive experience in dealing with delicate situations that require expertise and a collaborative approach, involving the community in constructive dialogue is a fantastic tool to alleviate any concerns raised. We are happy to engage with the community on behalf of our customers providing an expert independent perspective is often received positively, instilling confidence in the authenticity of the project being undertaken.


Terrock maintains a fleet of blast monitors that comply with the technical specifications of AS2187.2-2006. The installation of blast monitors and their geophones is an important consideration, and Terrock staff have the knowledge and experience to select appropriate monitoring locations and installation methods to ensure all data recorded is accurate and reliable.