Our software allows us to share our years of research and experience directly with our clients.

Apps to help with analysis and planning of blasting events.

Terrock Tools

Terrock Tools allows users to model and predict blast vibration levels and maximum flyrock throw distances for any blast design specifications.

Features include:
  • Ground vibration (PPV) and air blast overpressure (dBL) level production
  • Blast vibration regression analysis
  • Blast vibration contour assessments
  • Wavefront reinforcement modelling
  • Conversion tools
  • Flyrock prediction modelling


Terrock’s Envmet system predicts and manages the impact of local weather on air vibration levels from blasting. Using customised WRF-based models, Envmet provides multi-day forecasts to assess weather effects like temperature inversions and wind shear on airblast overpressure. This helps schedule blasts to avoid adverse conditions and ensure compliance.

Additionally, Envmet supports dust and noise modelling through our partners at Todoroski Air Sciences, offering daily forecasts and web-based access to modelling outputs for precise impact assessment.

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