The potential adverse effects of blast and construction vibration can be assessed and mitigated through engineered blast design, work methods and structural design methodologies. Civil and Mining blasting engineering services provided by Terrock include blast design modelling of wave-front reinforcement, PPV, air blast overpressure and flyrock throw prediction.

Forensic investigation of high blast vibration levels, regulatory limits, exceedances and flyrock events. Vibration induced strain calculations to determine appropriate parameters to prevent damage to adjacent buildings and surrounding infrastructure assets. Beat frequency analysis and frequency control through engineered initiation sequences.

Blast Management Plans & Impact Assessments 

Understanding the impact to the surrounding environment, fauna and flora, and human effect from blasting is now considered vital when preparing a site to blast or expand current operations.

Terrock has been guiding the industry for many years through technical expertise and providing Blast Management Plans and or Blast Impact Assessments to mitigate risk of shutdowns or delays caused by non-compliance.

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Terrock performs maintenance and annual calibration of all its equipment in accordance with Australian Standards AS2187.2-2006. Each piece of calibrated equipment is certified with a traceable certificate, available upon request.

We also provide calibration services for vibration monitors and measuring equipment, such as geophones and accelerometers.

Ensuring that equipment operates at its optimum level and meets manufacturers’ specifications provides peace of mind to our customers and ensures ongoing compliance with industry standards.

Monitor Hire

Terrock can provide short, and long-term monitor hire tailored to the specifics of the project. Using the most reliable and effective equipment known in the industry is paramount to guaranteeing essential data is collated and ready for analysis.

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