Blast Management Plans & Impact Assessments


All blasting operations must be undertaken in accordance with a project-specific Blast Management Plan (BMP). A BMP is a compliance instrument to help ensure transport, handling and use of explosives on site is undertaken in accordance with relevant regulations, standards and guidelines, and blasting risks and impacts are mitigated by implementing appropriate controls. BMPs also outline the roles and responsibilities of site personnel and detail the blast clearance procedures and minimum exclusion zones that must be observed.


Some blasting projects require a Blast Impact Assessment (BIA). This assessment pertains to offsite blasting risks and impacts such as ground vibration and airblast levels, and determination of flyrock throw distance and clearance zones. BIAs typically contain predictive modelling of blast designs to determine if compliance with relevant blast vibration limits and other conditions can be achieved and identify areas in which blast design may need to be modified to maintain compliance. BIAs are usually required for long-term operations such as mines and quarries with nearby sensitive receptors.

Terrock has considerable experience producing both BMPs and BIAs. Please contact Terrock if you require assistance.